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Welcome to Hermanus

Hermanus, part of the Cape Whale Coast

Hermanus is a beautiful beachside town situated about an hours drive from Cape Town International Airport.  Hermanus is the land based whale watching capital of the world.  Hermanus is mostly famous for being inhabited by Southern Right Whales every year between June and December, and the Great White Sharks at Gansbaai all year round.          Famous for its champagne air, long stretches of beach, mild climate, rich floral kingdom and abundance of birdlife.         Hermanus, the heart of the Cape Whale Coast, becomes a hive of activity with hustle and bustle every year during the last week of September, which is the official Hermanus Whale Festival week.     Hermanus also has a special character that you are bound to meet if you visit during the Whale Season, and that is the famous Whale Crier, who carried a kelp (seaweed) horn and tells everyone where the whales are.     Hermanus, the whale capital of the world.  Where to stay, where to eat and what to do.

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Southern Right Whale Behaviour Patterns – Breaching

Southern Right Whale – Breaching

Periodically a whale may thrust three-quarters or more of its body out of the water, pivot onto its side and back, and fall back with an enormous  slash into the sea. This jumping technically known as “breaching”’ frequently occurs several times in succession. This behavior might be a form of communication or indication of male prowess, generally during mating. Or it might be to get rid of whale lice or perhaps the activity assists in the moulting process and maybe they do it for the pure fun of it. It is usually done in sets of between four and six. When performed by young calves, for instance, it seems that the activity is one of sheer exuberance. This is undoubtedly the most spectacular of all whale behaviour.

Southern Right Whales visit Hermanus in the heart of the Cape Whale Coast every year during May – December

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