The old Royal Hotel in Hermanus

Royal HotelOld Hotels in Hermanus – The Royal Hotel,

built by Allengenski family in 1900 in Main Road, opposite Market Square. There were several owners over the years: the Silkes, Abrahams and others –  The Royal was a happy meeting place of the fishermen and sportsmen, and hosted parties for various occasions. In the De Wets Huis Photographic Museum is a photo of a Jewish wedding that took place in 1904.  The wedding guests and the bridal group were photographed in front of the Royal Hotel.  This old landmark went up in flames in 1981.

Kentucky Fried Chicken and the adjacent parking lot occupy those premises.

Photo:  Hermanus Old Harbour Museum

Information:  S.J. du Toit

in front of Royal Hotel

Fish Preparations on the old market square with the Royal Hotel in the back.

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One thought on “The old Royal Hotel in Hermanus

  1. Ben Wessels

    I’m interested in the Hermanus history of John Louis (Wessels). Is S.J. duToit still available? Or someboby else with any information?
    I have family coming especially from Australia to find out more about our ancestral connections. “Would appreciate a lead.

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